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July is a busy month for my wallet. First, my daughter’s birthday falls on this month. Same as my brother’s. And all the “remnants” of June’s expenses will have to be covered for this month. Well, at least we’re done with my daughter’s 7th birthday. All the next ones can be held simply at home and school. While my brother doesn’t expect me to buy him a shure mixers at musicians friend that he had been hinting us. Another chocolate cake should be fine, I hope. I’ll just try to think of something nice for him on Christmas. Haha.

Who’s up for variety?

Did I say I love my hubby’s Xperia that I might NOT want to give it back. :lol:

I’ve installed my own favorite apps, and a lot of games for our daughter. And I’m currently searching for free music and movies. Or maybe I’ll buy some movies and books too. I’m thinking if I should get speakers for it. But if I spend too much on this phone, I might not have enough budget for cheap instruments orff that I’ve been meaning to buy. Hahaha.

Tomorrow, I’ll start playing with PS games on it. I’ve previously shared that I’m not a gamer but I’m open to change. :P

This weekend.

It was a very busy weekend. We drove around on Saturday to find a nice resort for a planned swimming party for the whole gang. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a place that met all our criteria. Of course, it was hard to find as most have already been booked. We checked one pool which was too small for us. Another resort was big enough for all of us, but the catch was, after several steps on the pool stairs, it’s already 4 feet high. In short, kids will just have to stay on the stairs if they’re not very good swimmers.

While we went shopping Sunday, and it was very tiring. But I found it amusing to see items like martin vintage case at guitar center or small guitars that may look like toys but really work. It is always best to buy in bulk to get the best price, which I did. But I think I’ve overdone it, but won’t blog in details. I’m not proud of it. Haha.

Afternoon date.

Yesterday, we arrived at the venue of our tower’s Christmas party, way too early. So my husband and I decided we bide time at a nearby coffee shop.

It was unplanned and a bit random, which makes it special for me. We do talk inside the car on our way to work, and have our quick chats over dinner, almost every day so seeing him read the newspaper in front me, feels a lot different, like old (retired) couples on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Small kitchen.

I like kitchens that, even small, have everything you need to cook and bake. I have observed that most kitchens that I like are well organized, using lots of drawers, taking advantage of even the smallest spaces. I asked some friends their budget on kitchen appliances and furniture with these locking drawer slides.

I was surprised that the budget needed isn’t as big as I have imagined. I think my dream kitchen is achievable. Maybe not as soon as I’d want, but I think I can buy the basic pieces before we move in, and just grow the collection in the next couple of years.

Guitar or ukelele?

My son had been playing with this ref magnet. Then my daughter got curious and started asking.

Mikee: “Is this a ukelele?”
Me: “It’s a guitar.”
Mikee: “Why does it have 4 strings?”
Me: “Fine.”

Hahaha. Well, actually one of my IG friends commented that the bass guitar has only 4 strings so I can still win this argument. Of course, mommy that I am, I let my daughter win. I am never into these musical instruments anyway. ;)

Shopping for charms.

Last month, I decided I should get my own Pandora bracelet. For me, collecting the charms is very much like scrapbooking, it is for memory keeping.

I thought I should get my first bracelet and two first charms this December, my birth month. I even started browsing a site for Pandora beads, and planned my next purchase. But the budget for my bracelet was spent on other things even before December came. Tssss.

I guess I will have to wait for February (Valentine’s day, ahem) for my bracelet. Sigh.

Healthier option.

I know many moms are like me who had been very careful with their food intake on their first (sometimes even second) babies but a little braver on their third. Seems unfair but by your third baby, you realized that either you’ve been just very paranoid. Haha.

Don’t get me wrong. I still watch what I eat. I still avoid junk foods when pregnant. But like the other day husband and I were out for lunch. I was ready to order iced tea when the waitress suggested “Ma’am, perhaps apple carrot juice for you and your baby?”

I was happy and surprised with the suggestion. The juice was good, and healthy! ;)

Time for some shopping.

I am contemplating what kits to buy this weekend. I am torn between getting coordinating 12×12 papers and textured cardstocks of the kit that we recently purchase (yes, I said “we”, because friends and I shared on one kit. Neat idea, right?); and getting different paper pads. That way, I have many choices and color combinations.

I would love to get a Silhouette too, but since my brother is buying the and koch amplifiers at guitar center, this would leave me no room to buy the cutting machine I so covet.

Of course, I’ll be buying the kids their costumes for Trick or Treat. ;)

PL 2013 week 12

My week 12 was spent attending a training and getting certified. I passed the exam and got certified, alright, but I had no photo of my weekdays. I was too tired when I got home, and I spent quality time with the kids, with whatever time and energy was left of me.

I felt really guilty, so I made sure I brought them with me to my date with my mom and sister. It was tiring but fun day. :)

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