10 Best Photos in the 20th Century

Some photographs stand out in our memories, etched into place by an association with an event or person. This is one of the most magical parts of photography; the ability to capture a memory, in a moment.

There are some photographs captured in the 20th century that resonate for many of us, for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at the top 10.

One – The Hindenburg Disaster

All at once horrifically tragic and breathtaking, the explosions on board the Hindenburg, and the resulting crash to the earth, were captured in stunning black and white. A part of history, these photos show not just the depth of destruction, but also demonstrate humanity’s desire to constantly push the boundaries of possibilities.

Two – A Footprint on the Moon

The moon landing stands out as one of the most historically relevant leaps toward the future. The photo of astronaut Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon is demonstrative of our ability and desire to reach for the stars.

Three – Abbey Road Crosswalk

As an iconic photo in musical history, the photo of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road is one that stands out for many of us. It has even turned into something of a tradition for folks visiting that part of London to capture their own crossing of Abbey Road photos.

Four – Sailor Kissing Nurse, In Time Square

Another iconic moment captured on film, the imagery of an American sailor kissing a nurse in the middle of Times Square is a part of our history. More than just a charming and romantic image, it’s a display of the sentiment that was present on this day of victory.

Five – Marilyn Monroe – The Grate

There are hundreds of photographs of this beauty that have inspired many of us for decades. Not many stand out as much as the image of Marilyn wearing a white dress, over a city crate, holding the skirt down as it billows up around her. This is an iconic piece of our past, and is often seen used on any number of backdrops or other merchandise items.

Six – The Marlboro Man

Nothing is quite as ruggedly American as Leonard McCombe’s photograph of Clarence Hailey Long. This photo is truly the definition of the rugged and somewhat romantic spirit of the West. While later used as part of a marketing campaign, the original is a testament to the history of the US.

Seven – Princess Diana

With countless photos of this stunning woman, the one that truly stands out the most is the photo of Diana at the press conference announcing her engagement to the prince. All at once shy and excited, this delightful photo is a true expression of the gentle soul this inspirational woman truly was.

Eight – Firefighter with a Gentle Touch

In 2009 a large part of Australia was devastated by bushfires that were unrelenting in their damage. A photograph capture the heartwarming moment of a firefighter taking the time to offer sips of water to a koala fleeing the fires. This is a touching display of what it truly means to care for the natural world we are tasked with protecting.

Nine – Military Man Holding His Baby

None tear at the heartstrings quite as much as the image capture of a military man clutching his baby to his chest, while his raw emotions are displayed on his face. This photo has not only gone viral several times, but does serve to remind us all of the true sacrifices many make.

Ten –Nelson Mandela in his Rugby Jersey

In 1995, South Africa was still in the midst of some very tense political and cultural changes. New President Nelson Mandela found a solid way to unite his country, by doing his part to support the country’s rugby team in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Watching their leader don the jersey sporting the colors of their nation did truly serve to unify a country divided.

There are an incredible number of historically and emotionally significant photos that serve to fuel our imaginations while also inspiring us. Bring some of your favorites into your photography studio with Custom Photography Backdrops that are a true reflection of your passion and history.

Afternoon date.

Yesterday, we arrived at the venue of our tower’s Christmas party, way too early. So my husband and I decided we bide time at a nearby coffee shop.

It was unplanned and a bit random, which makes it special for me. We do talk inside the car on our way to work, and have our quick chats over dinner, almost every day so seeing him read the newspaper in front me, feels a lot different, like old (retired) couples on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Small kitchen.

I like kitchens that, even small, have everything you need to cook and bake. I have observed that most kitchens that I like are well organized, using lots of drawers, taking advantage of even the smallest spaces. I asked some friends their budget on kitchen appliances and furniture with these locking drawer slides.

I was surprised that the budget needed isn’t as big as I have imagined. I think my dream kitchen is achievable. Maybe not as soon as I’d want, but I think I can buy the basic pieces before we move in, and just grow the collection in the next couple of years.

Guitar or ukelele?

My son had been playing with this ref magnet. Then my daughter got curious and started asking.

Mikee: “Is this a ukelele?”
Me: “It’s a guitar.”
Mikee: “Why does it have 4 strings?”
Me: “Fine.”

Hahaha. Well, actually one of my IG friends commented that the bass guitar has only 4 strings so I can still win this argument. Of course, mommy that I am, I let my daughter win. I am never into these musical instruments anyway. 😉

Healthier option.

I know many moms are like me who had been very careful with their food intake on their first (sometimes even second) babies but a little braver on their third. Seems unfair but by your third baby, you realized that either you’ve been just very paranoid. Haha.

Don’t get me wrong. I still watch what I eat. I still avoid junk foods when pregnant. But like the other day husband and I were out for lunch. I was ready to order iced tea when the waitress suggested “Ma’am, perhaps apple carrot juice for you and your baby?”

I was happy and surprised with the suggestion. The juice was good, and healthy! 😉

PL 2013 week 12

My week 12 was spent attending a training and getting certified. I passed the exam and got certified, alright, but I had no photo of my weekdays. I was too tired when I got home, and I spent quality time with the kids, with whatever time and energy was left of me.

I felt really guilty, so I made sure I brought them with me to my date with my mom and sister. It was tiring but fun day. :)

Nice and safe.

Shopping for home improvement items for moms can be different. For one, not only we want our house to be homey, we must also ensure the safety of our kids. Like for kitchens, we can always check Pinterest for stylish set-ups, but we must consider things like slippery flooring, and anti fatigue matting.

But I found cute items at Pinterest too. You know those socket covers, they now come with colorful animal designs, very cute for a baby’s or kid’s room.

PL 2013 week 11

I know many PLers use kits on their spreads. It is much simpler that way. As much as I want to do the same (for simplicity’s sake and for my sanity), I can’t because color coordination are too important to me.

I was so happy to find a kit that has the same shades of my daughter’s green headband, and the tomato slices we had for our weekend lunch. The whole kit also complements nicely with the rest of the photos.

A mom’s work is never done kit – Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Jennifer Barrette (SSD)

Printing services.

A friend is asking where I print my prompt and journal cards. Most of the cards that I use I got from my kits, or I print at home. She asked because she wanted to have her project printed in bulk. Not only can’t my printer accommodate that much printing tasks, she’s in the US too.

Good thing there are sites such as http://www.printingamerica.com that guide you where the nearest printing service shops are. That’s what I love about the internet. It makes all these information accessible.

PL 2013 week 10

Our week/school/work days pretty much consist of routine tasks. But what I love about working in the same area as hubby, is we can have dinner together, so we have mini dates about 3x a week.

This particular week, we spent our weekends separately. Hubby had his race, while me and the kids were left at home. Sad that we weren’t able to watch his first race, but I am really hoping that’s the last race that we don’t get to watch. :)

Stud Muffin kit – Shawna Clingerman (SSD)

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